I’m all cozy sittin’ here listening to The Strokes “Is This It” (2001).

Writing on Sundays has always been good to me. Feeds the soul, the heart, the retrospective mind. I’ve been walking around for a few months with a couple little mantras that I wanna share with you lovers.

Last October I flew in an airplane to Las Vegas, Nevada, and I bought a mug from the M&M’s factory. I want to collect mugs for the rest of my time on earth. I think they’re functional and cute and say just a ton about ya.

Anyway, this mug I bought is the blue M&M, the jazzy one, with an almond inside. He likes to kick his feet up and talk like James Earl Jones. When you drink coffee out of this mug, you get to read his catch phrase, all cross-eyed, right there on the lip:

It’s all good”

That’s what it says, because it’s a novelty mug, and I just love it like pie. It’s all good, this mug reads, every time I kick it back.

Around that time, I lost a lover, which is alright. I swear it was the perfect time to buy this dang mug.  I was out on the porch just feeling it, the breakup and all, and this dude is staring back at me, all smug. The smug mug. And on the lip, it’s all good.

That’s all it took. Changed my damn life, I’m telling you.

So when I got lonely or mad about the chick, or when my cousin killed herself, or when I realized I ran out of money and started charging it all to the card, I just sat down instead of yelling and poured some coffee.  And when my car broke down last month, and when I lost another lover last week, and when I woke up this morning, hungover as a bat, disoriented and woozy, and walked six blocks to the east when I should’ve went west, then sat at the bus stop for half an hour, only to have the bus driver swivel open his door and say “you’re on the wrong side of the street, sir”, I’m telling you, I just laughed like crazy and got a couple new wrinkles in my face, because of that goddam mug.

And when life is groovin’, and that song you’ve been singing for a week is playing in the bar, and you’re dancing with your new friend named van Hook, and he’s singing along too, and when you’re in class again, and your professor is spitting fire, lighting up your mind and all, and when the sun sets, and the song ends right as you pull up, and you just ordered a delivery pizza, and a squirrel is running around in the trees above you, and you get that feeling that everything is right, because it always is, even when it’s not.

Yeah. That’s the stuff.

This summer, I met a guy named Alec Wright. He’s got the kindest face you’ll ever see, and he just loves to listen to you. He likes to wear big shirts and draw and be outside and love on folks, and he’s got a killer backhand frisbee toss. He smiles because he knows it’s all good.

Alec also likes hip-hop:

“Do you know Collective Efforts, Sam? These guys, the way they say it, man it gets me! They like to say “keep it movin.” People love to get stuck on things. There’s a problem, or a roadblock, and something is affecting their life. And they can’t see a way through this hard time, so they just keep concentrating on it. They just keep staring at the wall, asking ‘why?’, getting nowhere, and the wall just keeps getting bigger. And I tell them, it’s there for you! This is supposed to happen to you, and you’re supposed to learn from this. And it’s good for you! This thing you can’t figure out, it’s there for you!”

And then he paused. And he grinned, and his face just lit up in a big smile and he said:

“Keep movin’!”

Shit, I’m laughing just thinking about him.

On Thursdays, when I finish up class, I like to put on my Rocky Mountain Day Camp Staff shirt and go run around the track. 50 laps around the track inside the gym, 7.15 miles. I like to smile when I do it, and I like to think about the way those dudes say keep it movin’. That’s all running is, anyway. You’re just moving around, and you keep doing it. And it’s all good.


I’m cozy here, in my chair, writing from my new home. Everything’s moving so fast, and I just feel like a tornado, and I’m still eating Frosted Flakes before I go to bed. You know that feeling you get when your dreams start coming true? Like at the end of Willy Wonka, when Willy Wonka looks to Charlie and says: “But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.”

Charlie Bucket: “What happened?”

Willy Wonka: “He lived happily ever after.”

Tomorrow I’m gonna drink some coffee and grin like Alec Wright.


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